Solstice 2014

Well another year has gone by. Meg made it home for Christmas and has been playing with the new camera. The objective is to count the tines in the bird’s feathers. It seems the geese are planning to take over our yard…

The Scouting Party

The Gathering

The Armada

The Beachhead

It seems that the rally point for the geese depends on the wind direction. They tend to congregate on the point if there is a west wind and on our shore if there is a North wind. We must see about three hundred at peak. They chatter with each other well into the night. You can hear them call when we walk the dog.


Refilling the Squirrel Dispenser

Gulls on Ice

We have been working on our bird feeders. The turkeys have monopolized the scratch food under the feeder which the small birds avoid when the turkeys are around. So we added a platform feeder close to the house. It didn’t take the birds very long to find it.

Platform Feeder







If the birds found it fast, the squirrels were not far behind…


You can’t stop me!


Tom…he’s so ugly he’s pretty!



Turkey in Snow


More Feathers

So Meg is here for two weeks and her goal is for us to take two hundred pictures a day. We’ll see what we can do. We took almost that many today.


Mark and Wink and Meg