Signs of Spring

According to the local news outlets, our growing season is two weeks behind. We have had a long hard winterbut are finally seeing signs of spring. The ice at the mouth of the river is breaking up and we are seeing ice flows now. The tides are quite high and washing the ice out.

Ice Moving

For the past week or so, Winks says she has been seeing deer at night and there is a lot of deer sign in the yard. The pasture mix is starting to sprout and we caught the deer out in the open during daylight. When we first saw the herd last year there was six of them. We had five fawns last summer and we heard one of the bucks was killed by a car. So if you count carefully, you can see eleven deer in the picture. Frodo is currently barking at intruders in our yard.

Eleven Deer

Eight in the Center

Three on the Side

It should be an interesting summer. I think that is too many deer to be supported locally. We saw them stressed last year when Bambette was pushed off by her mom.

The deer weren’t the only big game in town. Three Jakes (juvenile  male turkeys) came to the feeder today as well. So we may be entertained by the turkeys again this year.


Handsome Youngsters


The other birds have been active as well.

Pair of Hawks

Hawks (Red Tailed Hawks?)


Grackle Wow!

Piggy Birds-grackles and red winged blackbirds

Blue jay and Red Winged Blackbird

Mourning Dove and Red Winged blackbird

Finch beginning to turn yellow

Woodpecker and Finch

So the weather is gradually becoming more spring-like. We have even been getting Verdi out onto the three season porch when it is warm enough for him. The birds are starting to turn on their mating plumage.

There is hope for winter to come to an end-we are ready for spring. Wink is getting impatient to see all of those daffodils blooming. There are some bulbs coming up out front already.


Mark and Wink