More Turkeys and Such

The turkeys have continued to entertain us in our back yard. The males are strutting and the ladies are playing hard to get.

Strutting Tom

Just Pretty

Done Performing

Hen Turkey

Wednesday afternoon it was Winkís turn to have the ladies over for Stitch.The turkeys were in the backyard for the whole time and put on quite a show. It was a bachelor group of four turkeys but one did not have a discernable beard. The biggest one was usually unwilling to share the feeder with the others.

Bachelor Group

I went out and filled the feeders and this group must have been last yearís chicks because they allowed me to get within a yard of them. I was wondering if they were going to try to get the food from me. It was entertaining.

Fresh Food

Then this little guy showed up. Maybe he thinks he is a turkey, but the turkeys just chased him around the yard.


Hey Guys Be Nice

Ring Neck Pheasant

The commotion attracted another visitor to the yard. It was another critter looking for lunch.


The fox chased the pheasant. The pheasant stayed on the ground trying to outrun the fox. When the fox got close enough, the pheasant flew into a tree. The turkeys just watched and were not perturbed by the fox. The fox ignored the turkeys. Wink and the ladies were glad the gorgeous pheasant escaped.

A quick scratch

OK, I give up.

New Hampshire has pheasant hunting in the fall. They stock birds and charge a twenty-five dollar fee for a hunting stamp. As far as I can tell they do not have a self-sustaining native population. There is a release point in Exeter which is just on the other side of the bay from us. So this guy must have survived from last year. It can be difficult to find love in cases like this and maybe that is why he is hanging with the turkeys. We have hedges and open fields in our area so that is decent habitat for the pheasants. I have seen grouse on some of our walks but no pictures.

We have been having 7.7 foot tides and are expecting 8.8 foot tides next Tuesday.


YES Spring has Arrived!

The ladies were quite entertained by the drama in the back yard. All Moody Pointers seem to keep one eye peeled outside so they donít miss anything. It isnít considered rude here!

Mark and Wink