More Backyard Bird Watching

It has been a very soggy May. They have coined a new word for our weather, Sprinter which is sort of a combination of Spring and Winter. Unfortunately it is a fairly accurate description of our weather. We are generally trending toward warmer but are soggy and cold at night. Fortunately it has not been too hard on our critters.

The birding has been good this week. We saw a big owl when we were walking Frodo. I think it was big enough to have an interest in Frodo. We think it was a great horned owl. Wink took the picture with her cell phone. I should learn to bring a camera on the walk.


The owl wasnít the only big bird we saw. When we took Frodo on the shore walk we saw some vultures.

Turkey Vultures

Great Blue Heron

The parade of birds in the back yard has been spectacular. I would like to introduce the blue bird of happiness. It brightened our day to see him.

Blue Bird

Happiness Is


Catbird J

Red Bellied Woodpecker and female blackbird



Nuthatch and Finch

Finch Bathing

Took a video of the finch taking a bath:

We did not identify this bird


Red Winged Blackbird and Grackle

Hen Turkey



Baby Turkey Videos

baby turkeys 1

baby turkeys 2


Orchard Oreo

Baltimore Oreo

Baltimore Oreo

Orchard Oreos

Catbird and Oreo

Life in the backyard is not without its drama. The first time we saw momma turkey she had ten chicks. The second time we could only see eight. Then Wink caught this guy camping our bird feeder. We havenít seen the turkeys in our yard since.

Mangy Fox

Bird Watching Breakfast!!

Another Bird Watching Breakfast!


We have a lot of yard work to do yet. The weather has not cooperated. Likely we will get to it soon.

We have been enjoying the scenery.

Mark and Wink