Mid May Blog

Things are really greening up here. We continue to enjoy the comings and goings in our backyard. Here is a picture of the view.


The gundalow went by on a trip to Newmarket. Andrew saw it from his condo.  We are scheduled to go on a cruise in August and we had fun on the cruise last year. It is a reproduction of a boat that was used for moving goods around Great Bay many years ago. They have two boats and offer educational or party cruises on Great Bay.


The deer and turkeys are still around. We had seven deer in the yard one night at dusk.

Seven Deer

Glamour Shot

We also saw one hen turkey, so they are still around. Look forward to seeing their chicks.

Hen Turkey

The backyard bird watching continues to be astounding. The Orioles are a nice addition to the mix.

Oriole female

Baltimore Oriole

Orchard Oriole



It turns out the hummingbird will eat the grape jelly from the Oriole feeder. It was a surprise for us.

Frodo for Meg

All is well here and we are enjoying the view. We have endless yard work to look forward to. Just bought our spring mulch and now we need to weed and mulch.

May is an amazing month here. We went from snow to full summer. The transformation is breath taking.

Mark and Wink