Mid July Update

The bird feeders remain active. We continue to see activity on all the feeders.



 Orioles fighting over the grape jelly


Gold Finch

Woodpecker on Suet

The inverted suet feeder seems to keep the blackbirds and grackles off it, but the woodpeckers have been slow to realize it is available to them.

Hummingbird on Monarda

Just passing through?

We continue to see the deer. Having to feed the little one seems to make momma come out during the day. We saw two deer while paddling at noon too.

Hungry Deer

Got an Itch and they are flexible!

We paddled into Newmarket today. It was a very pleasant ride.

Out for a paddle-hmm those boats need to be cleaned up a bit

Our House

In Newmarket

Duck Family heading to the town launch where two girls  were tossing bread

Watch Dog on a paddle board

Our Dog enjoying the comfy chair

Our gardens are really starting to bloom. I will try to get a few pictures for the next blog.

Mark and Wink