Mid April Blog

The turkeys have been putting on quite a show for us. We have a gobbler strutting his stuff and calling to the ladies. We have at least one lady that seems to be hanging around.

Gobbling Tom Turkey

Object of his affection having a mud bath


Turkeys Courting

The turkeys werenít the only ones showing off. The eagles got into the act as well.

Juvenile Bald Eagle (maybe 3 years old)

Juvenile Bald Eagle Fishing


Gathering Brush

House Keeping?

Oh Two Eagles

It seems the younger eagle wants to play house. But they didnít continue to build a nest. So we are not sure what was going on.


So we got a half inch of rain accompanied by fifty mile an hour wind gusts. The end result was that the bird feeders and the post came crashing down to the ground. We will have to work on it tomorrow. Seemed like a good time to clean them so we did.

We got our taxes done and in on time this year. That was an improvement over last year which was complicated by moving and being in two states.

We are expecting an inch of snow tonight and cool weather (subfreezing) the next two nights. Our daffodil bulbs are sprouting and we have a good hint of Spring. There is so much more animal and bird activity to watch now and we are enjoying it thoroughly.

All for now,

Mark and Wink