Mid-September Blog

It is really fall here. Our crab apples are coming down by the quart. It is good eating for our critters. I have to admit that I really enjoy living here. Today was pretty amazing. We still have hummingbirds at the hummingbird feeder. The finches are all over the bird bath and there is activity all over the back yard. I missed some really great pictures today. While we eating breakfast, the coyote showed up and moved across the yard toward the neighborís chickens. When I walked the dog, Frodo and I were entertained by the Great Blue Herons. The unfortunate thing is I didnít get pictures of any of this. So to console myself, I took a few other pictures.

We have not seen an adult male turkey since courting season finished and we saw the first turkey chicks. That was until yesterday. I think this guy is a year and a half old. He is starting to grow his beard. I suspect he has another year before he is mature.

Young Male Turkey


He is not the only young male off on his own. We saw this guy venturing off into the world as well.

Going it alone-spots almost gone

All by myself

Young Male Eating Markís Berries

The turkey flock showed up today and the juveniles are almost indistinguishable from their moms.

Turkey Flock (still twelve)

Just at dusk, the boyz showed up. It was a challenge to get good pictures. We havenít seen them since they were in velvet. They would still be in velvet in Kansas at this time of year. Brutus is only an eight.


Hello Handsome

Two of the Three Bucks

The Competition

Good Night Brutus

So these three bucks came by. It should be an interesting winter.



Mark and Wink