I have about 550 pictures in August so I have no excuse for not getting a blog out. It has been my intention for a while but I just don’t seem to get to it. The bird channel has been active.




Finch in bird bath


Goldfinch annoying Chickadee (picture by Meg)

Goldfinches arguing (picture by Meg)


Sharp Shinned Hawk visiting our bird feeder

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Turkeys (click here for video)

The baby turkeys have really grown. Click here for a video from three months ago to see the change. The babies are almost as big as the adults. Just a week ago we counted fifteen turkeys. The coyote has been seen around but we have not seen him. My current count is down to twelve turleys but they are so spread out I could be missing one or two.

The deer have been active as well.


Young Bucks

We saw the deer and turkeys interact again. This time the hen came right up to the doe and pecked a few bugs off her backside. The fawns are still into chasing the turkeys.

Deer and Turkeys

Red Squirrel

Our culinary experiments continue……


Mark can cook????????

Eggs Benedict


Another Try


Pancakes and bacon




Manhattan Fish Chowder

Frodo continues to improve but still requires a fair amount of attention.




August has just slipped by us. Meg was here for a short visit that we all enjoyed. She is back in Hawaii.

School starts next Tuesday.

The weather and plants hint at Fall.

Mark and Wink