Late September

This blog encompasses the end of September and the first week of October. We have been busy and time continues to fly by.

The last weekend in September was the Dover Irish Festival. It is an afternoon of Irish music, dance and food. Wink and I attended for the third year in a row. We enjoyed ourselves again.

Irish Dance

Music by Bradigan

We made another batch of Manhattan Fish Chowder:

Jim stirring

Fish and Tomato Base


Care for a serving?

Grilled Chook and Vegetables

One fall task has been hanging over us, the mowing of the pasture. We hired a local crew to mow the pasture and they did a good job.

Mowed Pasture

Looks Good

The aster is happy.


Butterfly Bush just starting to bloom !!

We havenít seen any turkeys since the pasture was mowed. They seem to be staying deeper in the woods right now. We have seen the deer but only at dusk so we couldnít get any good pictures. We are enjoying the almost full moon tonight and are expecting a frost.


Mark and Wink