Late January Blog

The weather has been very wintery here. It has kept us cooped up inside and looking forward to spring. First we had a lot of snow and then we got over an inch of rain which washed most of it away. Then we got some heavy wet snow which fell in clumps and was followed by a freeze. That was hard on our plants. We lost some limbs to this storm.

Birch Trees in heavy wet snow

Alder Bushes


The cold has kept us inside but the critters are constantly hungry. The bay is mostly frozen and we havenít seen the eagles since it froze.


Geese Huddled in the cold

The deer have savaged our shrubbery again this year. I think it is even worse than last year. Here is momma eating one of our new pine trees. I donít think this one will survive. She has the twins and at this point they are still a family group.



We still have the Friday BYOBs (Bring Your Own Booze) parties. The penguin was out in the weather last Friday to greet us as we arrived at the party!

Party Animal

Weíve had enough winter and we are ready for moderating weather. Happy Chinese New Year and Superbowl Sunday.

Mark and Wink