Late December 2014

We had the whole family together for Christmas again this year. Meg came from Hawaii. She says she does not appreciate the cold weather and we should visit her instead. We got set up for Christmas. Here is our tree:


Our Tree- Grinch and Bambi


Christmas Decorations: notice the Grinch Theme


Xmas Guests

Wink wanted snow for Christmas. Our November snow was gone so we went for an adventure into the mountains for Christmas Eve. We drove up to Franconia Notch and stopped to visit her brother and her new nephew at the Chalet. We found snow in spite of the rain.


Snow and Nephew Warren

When we got home we made cinnamon rolls for Christmas Breakfast.

Meg and Wink

I must have been very good this year because Santa graced me with some B and B: Bourbon and Beast. It seems to be a very Moeller thing to do as I hear that my siblings have had similar experiences this year. Here is my Bourbon and Port tasting…

MMMMMMMMMMMM – Bourbon and some good port hiding


Medium Rare!!!! 120 degrees per Patrick

Beast with Roasted Vegetables

Mark’s Plate


After Dinner

The turkeys have been visiting us on a regular basis. They aren’t very afraid of us. Here is Mark feeding the turkeys.

Feeding Turkeys

Meg enjoys feeding the turkeys too. Click here for a video of Meg feeding the turkeys. Meg realized that the turkeys outweighed her by at least one hundred pounds. Fortunately the turkeys respected her. Meg took the camera with her the second time she feed the turkeys.


Feed Me!

I can help!

Feathers in the rain



The geese have been around as well.

Geese and ducks


Up up and awaaay


Good Bye

The feeders have been active.

Gold Finches

Bluebird (out of its winter range?)



English Starlings

Bird Feeder Raider – You can see the house in the reflection in its eye

Meg and Chief

Breakfast Fun

Fruit Salad

We are clearing the decks for New Year’s Eve. We invited a couple of people over and expect a relaxed celebration.

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg