Labor Day 2014

We went on the Gundalow Cruise again this year. It was a relaxed evening on the water.




Under Sail

Shark Bait on the Bay (harbor seals)

We were able to harvest a few blueberries this year. We have quite a few raspberry plants but haven’t managed to get even one raspberry. I think I know why….

Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Raspberries and Bugggs

I still count twelve turkeys. I am pretty sure that there are not more than that at the moment. The little ones are almost as big as the mommas.


We continue to see the deer. We had some wind the other day and that brought some apples and pears out of our trees. The deer love the apples.

The Boyz

Doe eating an Apple


Even the squirrels are getting in on the bounty of our yard.


The large puff ball mushrooms have come back as well and something is eating them. We only had one last year and now there are four.



The roses are also producing rose hips.

Rose Hips

We got the yard mowed and the garden weeded….

Garden Weeded

We are not ready for winter but we can tell fall is coming. Last week was cool but now we are back to summer temps in the 80’s.

Mark and Wink