Just Because

We got the dusting of snow the weatherman predicted. But the signs of spring are all around.

Snow on Blooms

A Dusting

Poor Early Bloomers L

The turkeys have been putting on a spectacular show.

Young Male (small beard)

Show Off

All Puffed Up

There were eight deer out in the yard at 5:30 this morning. There was just enough light to get a few pictures. They still have their winter coats.


No Garden is Safe

Very well camouflaged


The does look pregnant again this year. It seems like we can expect a new crop of babies, both deer and turkeys.

Young Male Strutting

Look at ME!

Female (not impressed)

Just Fun to Watch

No real news since the last blog. Just a quick shout saying we are enjoying being entertained again this year!

Mark and Wink