Happy New Year 2014

The new year started off cold, cold , cold with another Noríeaster thrown in for good measure. We have been trapped inside and feeling cooped up. However, we were fortunate that we only got about eight inches of new snow. Twenty miles south of here on the Massachusetts North coast, they got over two feet of snow. It is still early in the winter and we have already shoveled the decks three times and that gets old fast. The tide has been unusually high and the storm brought it up even more.


Bay Frozen and Point Awash

The birds have been taking advantage of our berry bush and the feeders.

MMMMMM Alder Berries


Red Bellied Woodpecker


Crow (didnít let me take his picture)



Eagle and Hawk in the same picture J

More Snow!

Snowy New Year

We are getting freezing rain tonight and expect more snow next weekend.

All quiet in New Hampshire.

Happy 2014;

Mark and Wink