Mark had a good day. It started out foggy and improved from there. I suppose it is up to the readers to decide if that is so. The day started out as foggy.

I can almost see the bay

Yes, there it is! What am I seeing?


Question! Who is who?

Big Bird

Big Beak, White under the wings

Mottled White

Who dat? Pair of crows?

Who am I?

WhoamI? You should know by now. But the question is who is his best bud?

Best bud on the right

Best Bud

Mottled White

Striped Tail

OK who is who? The protagonist is a big bird with mottled white. The beak is huge. It is a no brainer as it must be a juvenile bald eagle.

So other than the crows looking for an easy meal, who is the other protagonist?  Somebody who is almost the same size as a juvenile eagle with stripes on the tail. It must be a Coopers Hawk!

Well, the fog rolled out and the raptors weren’t the only hungry animals out there.



So the two bucks showed up. We should name them other than baby deer. The names, Shelia, Bambi and Skippy have been taken in our lexicon.







I am sort of in line with Meg in terms of hunting; been there, done that. So what should we name Wink’s pets?



Grrr – I am not Zamboni

Feed me and I don’t care

Go away

So you can see it was a tough day! I had no intention of blogging so soon but over two hundred picture appeared on my hard drive demanding release, so what could I do?


Mark and Wink