Feeding the Critters

We put corn out to attract the deer when Meg was here, but the deer didnít find it until after Meg left. There is still half a bag left and putting a cup out each day continues to act as a critter attractant. The squirrels, possum, rabbits as well as the birds keep coming to our feeders.




We see the raptors hanging around as well. A visitor to our house saw a hawk chasing its prey through our bushes by the front door. Apparently the hawk was successful and we think it caught a squirrel. It took a long time for the hawk to eat its catch and we took some pictures and a video. We think this is a Cooperís Hawk.

Hawk Eating

All Gone

We got another inch of new snow but it has warmed up and we are expecting an inch of rain overnight.

Fresh Snow


We have also seen the deer on the corn for the past couple of nights. A small doe joined the two bucks, but the bigger buck kept the corn for himself. It is interesting that he has already shed one of his antlers. I checked our yard for it when I walked the dog this morning, but could not find it.

Small Doe

Shed Antler

Doe Eating Evergreen

Small Buck Glam shot!

There is supposed to be an eagle count today but it is so foggy we canít even see the bay.


Other than that it is fairly quiet here.

Mark and Wink