February 2014

We have been having a ‘real’ winter again this year. Wink and I are both looking forward to spring. Just like last year, February has brought storm after storm. One good thing is we didn’t have a ‘named’ storm this year. Nevertheless we both feel cooped up here.

The deer have been nocturnal and we have not been getting very many photo opportunities. But the snow keeps a record of their wanderings.

7 February

8 February

We just kept getting more and more snow. It is a good thing we had a thaw in January.

Andrew’s Car

More Snow


It snowed hard enough we could not see the bay from our windows. The snow is now deep enough the deer are avoiding our yard.

More Snow

Lawn Tractor

Verdi Bird

Loong Icicles


Not too much to say. It has been a long winter already and we are heading into a cold snap. Wink has enjoyed the Winter Olympics although she’s been a little disappointed in the outcomes.


Mark and Wink