Fall Solstice 2014

This year has well and truly gotten by me. Tonight is the fall solstice. The hints of fall have been numerous, but I keep pretending it is still summer. Somehow I have another three hundred or so pictures to try to entertain you with. We’ll see if I succeed.

Our flowers are mostly gone by but we have a few hold outs. There is one daylily out back and the butterfly bush has finally bloomed. Fortunately we are getting some help pruning the flowers:


I never met a weed I didn’t like either


I never met a flower I didn’t like

Last weekend was the New Hampshire Scottish Games Festival, so of course Wink and I attended. Andrew stayed behind to take care of the critters. He said it was a lot of work to take care of four critters. We stayed at the Chalet for two nights.

Chalet in Franconia Notch

The setting for the festival was Loon Mountain:

New Hampshire Highland Games

Sheep Dog Trials

We mostly went for the music, we were not disappointed…

The Brigadoons (minus fiddle player)

Learning to dance

Manchester Pipe Band

Fraser And Haas


American Rogues drummer

I think we ended up with more than ten CD’s and one DVD of music to last us until next year. More than one of the musicians had just come from Scotland and the vote for independence. They were disappointed in the outcome and a little grouchy from the travel.

Andrew was holding down the fort and he had an entertaining time. The young bucks that were making scrapes in the last blog butted heads for him. Andrew said he didn’t know how to tell them that he had seen the competition and they were in for a rude awakening.

Practice Sparring

Andrew also saw a squirrel chillaxing:


Time to go

The bird feeder is set up for winter and we are starting to see the woodpeckers again.


Woodpecker and Friends


Tom jr.

Tom jr. and Momma

Young Bucks

This weekend is the Irish Festival in Dover. I guess I will have at least one more September blog. We continue to enjoy our retreat in the woods of New Hampshire.


Mark and Wink


I had a problem with the ftp server on my hosting site. It has been down for a week, so I will update this manually. Here are some bonus pictures.

Last of the Day Lilies

Pretty Boy

Starting to see colour