I did not expect to do another blog so soon but somehow I have another three hundred pictures to parse through. The focus is that our blueberries are ripening now. We like blueberries.

Blueberry Pancakes (our blueberries)

The problem is that it would seem that we are not the only ones that appreciate our blueberries!

Catbird enjoying Markís blueberries

Chipmunk with Markís Blueberries

Juvenile Robin in Markís Blueberries

Momma Turkey likes Markís blueberries

Juvenile Turkey after Markís Blueberries

It must be apparent that Mark probably isnít going to end up with very many blueberries. We usually get one bowlful a year and the critters take care of the rest. Oh well we can still get them at the store.

We continue to see the deer. Andrew got this picture on his way home of an eight point and a six point. This picture was taken up at the community well.


It would seem we could expect some fireworks this fall as there may be competition from the bucks on our holding.

Our Big Boy

His Sidekick

The turkeys have decided to enjoy our hospitality again after a short hiatus. We enjoy watching them.

Might be Turkeys

Three Hens and at least eleven chicks

Juvenile Turkey


The bird baths have also been popular.


Bath Time



On My!

All Clean

My Turn

The birds continue to use our feeders.





Six Herons including Juveniles


Last blog I promised to share a few pictures of our gardens as they started to bloom. It is a process and I expect the gardens to continue to mature. It is fun to watch.

Day Lily

More Day Lilies

Cone Flowers (just starting to bloom)

More Day Lilies

Even More

Rescued Flowers looking happy

Shasta Daisies

More Flowers

Oval Garden

Monarda compromised by heavy rain

Black-eyed Susan volunteers

The yard continues to provide delight and amusement for us.

Mark and Wink