Meg came for a visit. She is here only for a week and one of her goals was to take me fishing. Everything was arranged on short notice so we failed to assemble a full crew. The only ones that could make the trip were Meg, Mark and Andrew. We arranged to go out from Eastmanís Dock for a full day charter. The boat could hold six but we had a crew of just three. We were fishing for cod and haddock. We started at 7:00 AM which is a reasonable time.

Outbound on the Sweet Jen

It was a 35 foot boot and the skies were overcast and broken. The seas were fairly light and I suspect four foot swells with a few occasionally larger. All three of us felt it on the outbound stretch. We went about twenty miles offshore, which took about an hour and a half. The shore was visible most of the way. We all took Bonine an hour before we went out. I started feeling better once I filled my stomach. Andrew and Meg took a little more time to adjust.

Captain Eddie

We were bottom fishing using clams for bait. Here is Captain Eddie preparing the bait.

Andrew and Meg

Mark Caught the First Fish

Mark Caught Bottom

Meg shows how itís done

Mark has a bite


The Catch


Parasailing seen on the way home

Somehow we ended up with about twenty keepers. Minimum size was 19 inches, which ended up about four pounds each. We had about twenty fish which resulted in about forty pounds fo fish fillets. We cooked one tonight and it was quite good.

So we have haddock and cusk and we need recipes. We poached them in lemon and olive oil. It was tender and very gently flavored. I want to make a fish stew with some of it. Come visit, we can have a party.


Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg