Early September

Fall is creeping up on us.But right now it is still summer with temperatures in the nineties and dew points in the seventies. That is a recipe for thunderstorms.

Rainbow after Thunderstorm

The heat and humidity keep the birds coming to our bird baths, we have three of them now:





Me too

Gold Finch


Bath Time

Hummingbird (still around)

The deer and turkeys are still around.It is getting harder and harder to tell the babies from the adults for the turkeys. The fawns still have their spots.

Baby boy

Feeding Time


Markís Raspberries

This yearís twins

The Twins

So all is calm and quiet in our back yard with no drama, or so it seems. This next installment is not for the faint of heart.

Squirrel Dispenser

Andrew and I were watching the bird feeder when a hawk passed by. There was a red squirrel at the feeder that climbed the feeder pole into the squirrel can. The can protected the squirrel for a while but it was not strong enough to stay out of sight indefinitely.


Canít hang on

Hello. Letís have lunch


OK I am not looking

Pretend I am not around

MMMMMMM lunch!

This drama took about a half hour and I took 125 pictures of the event. I was routing for the hawk but thought the red squirrel would get away. Andrew said he thought about scaring the hawk away to save the red squirrel but decided not to. At the end of the drama the red squirrel made a dash for the rose bush. There was a tree closer but he chose to go to the rose bush. He almost got there but the hawk was incredibly quick and pounced on it less than a yard short of safety. In the end, the hawk had lunch.

All quiet in Newmarket,

Mark and Wink