Early November Blog

We survived Halloween in good form. There were not a lot of trick or treaters and Mark was working, but Wink handled him in good form. Meg held up the family tradition and dressed as a Mutant Ninja Turtle.



Our Japanese Maple celebrated Halloween in good form:

Happy Halloween

Burning Bush

We went to a Moody Point Halloween Party and had a lot of fun. There were Witches and all sorts of disreputable characters there!


Halloween Party

There was a wonderful spiked punch served at the party. Someone backed over the Penguin on the way home. Fortunately she could be rehabilitated by a local doctor.

Halloween Party Casualty

This weekend Wink and I went to a Quilt show. There were some Halloween themed quilts there.


Stunning Quilt


Enjoying the Quilt Show

In the meantime, the standing joke is ‘Nothing Ever Happens in NewMahket.’  So here is some more of the nothing for your enjoyment:

Still Not Getting the Picture Quality I want



Dust Bath


Turkey Dancing

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Turkey Dancing











Turkey Fight Club


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Turkey Fight Club









I think I mowed the lawn for the last time in 2014. I will still crunch some leaves but the grass is no longer growing.

Last Mowing

Heron on the Beach

Bees on Bird Bath

We had a hard frost and our bird bath froze over. Apparently the young birds have never experienced ice before. Wink took this picture with her phone. These guys were quite perplexed.

Birds on Frozen Bird Bath

When Wink was walking Frodo, she used her phone to get this picture of a Pileated Wood pecker.

Pileated Wood Pecker

Frodo for Meg



So I expect I have convinced you that all is quiet in NewMahket…..

Until the next blog,

Mark and Wink