Early March 2014

Up until this weekend winter still has had a firm grip and mostly we have been cooped up inside. However the birds are starting to sing like they actually believe that spring will come. The mouth of the Lamprey River is still frozen solid but further out there is open water once the temp warms up. We havenít seen deer since the deep snow maybe because there is no forage for them left in our yard. Coyotes have been seen crossing the river on the ice. We havenít seen them but we have seen tracks. We have not seen turkeys since December either.

A Little Open Water

Snow Shoeing on Lamprey River

Plenty of Ice

Some people have routinely used the river as a walkway. We have seen this pair more than once. There have been others that are not as adventurous and they tend to stay a little closer to shore. We have not ventured out on the ice.

We keep filling the bird feeders. We see lots of squirrels, an occasional opossum and one skunk. The crows see the feeders as their own.




Dove in Snow


We watched a drama out on the bay by the edge of the open water. Winks saw an eagle grab a duck.

Eagle with Duck

Duck Gets Away!


Time to Go

Taking Off

I have added two sets of pictures to Seasons. It remains a stark cold winter here.

Ice and More Ice

Morning Mists

We are looking forward to Spring which should arrive soon with more to photograph and blog about.

Mark and Wink