Early July

Summer seems to have arrived. It was hot and humid with high dew points. Much of the rain has missed us and the yard is quite dry. The animals get relief where they can. Here are the squirrels getting some shade. The birds have been taking advantage of the bird baths.

Chilling in the shade

Bird Bath

We did finally get a brief shower and saw a rainbow afterward.


We have been seeing the deer during the day. They are out in the pasture, must be really hungry.

Two young bucks with a doe

Doe looking lean

We’ve seen some babies. It is fun to watch….

Jelly dipped bug


Feeding Baby



Just Fun

Baby Blackbird

Momma and faun

Healthy looking faun

We are seeing more of the hummingbirds as well.


Hummingbird in Monarda

Blueberries yum!

We changed the suet feeder on the big bird feeder. We switched to one where the birds have to hang upside down to eat. Apparently the grackles and black birds don’t like to do that but the wood peckers and nuthatches don’t mind. We will see how it works out.

New Suet Arrangment

Hurricane Arthur blew through last night and we got caught up in our annual rainfall in a very short period of time. Mostly we got just a thorough soaking. Since we were trapped inside we made hurricane punch to celebrate. Can’t miss with rum and fruit juice!

Mark and Wink