Early April 2014

Mark was happy to get home from his adventures in Hawaii. It was great to visit Meg and I hope to post a blog about that. But it was great to get back to the quiet life in New Hampshire. There are hints of spring all around us. We are just beginning to green up but it is a very slow process. We still have pockets of snow on the ground. Even the occasional ice flow goes by. This one captured a tree and is ridden by a seagull.

Ice Flow

The birds are starting to pair up. The doves are chasing each other.


We had a male turkey with a full beard. He does not seem that much larger than the jakes we have seen. He must have lost the fight for dominance.

Bearded Turkey (adult male)

We even saw a kayaker out on the bay just after ice out. Andrew was jealous.


We continue to see the hawks.


Pair of Hawks


We saw our first heron of the year. He chowed down on our tidal flat. It was fun to watch.

First Heron

Well Camouflaged

We saw three juvenile male turkeys and they put on quite a show for us. We took some video for your enjoyment.

Three Jakes Dancing

Amazing Colour

Goldfinch showing colour

We have even seen a beardless turkey. This was earlier than last year. I am hopeful they will keep us entertained like they did last year.

Beardless Turkey

Not everyone escaped the severe weather without damage. Some ones dock ended up on the shore opposite us.

Beached Dock

That is about it. We have only seen the deer at night. We also have a skunk that visits the bird feeders at night. Frodo has had unpleasant encounters with skunks in the past; it would be preferable if he learned from that.

Our bulbs are just starting to emerge. It will be interesting to see what has survived the winter. We shall see. It is hard to be patient!


Mark and Wink