Critters July 2014

We have seen both the deer and the turkeys this July. One doe has twins and is hungry all the time. The turkeys seemed to have created a flock of three hens and at least eleven chicks. The chicks are all pretty good sized now.

Flock of Turkeys

Who’s in charge?

Time to Chill

Nearly Grown

The deer have been active as well. They seemed to have found our gardens.

Flowers Yum!!!

Like Mother like Daughter

The Twins

An interesting thing happened the other day, the deer and turkeys were in the yard at the same time. The interaction was funny as the fawns chased the turkeys until momma turkey put a stop to it.

Deer and Turkeys

Let’s Play!

I got this one

On Point


It has been two weeks post-surgery for Frodo. He is getting restless and that makes it difficult to contain him. He does not like being caged so we try to let him out and watch him. Every now and then he gets away from us and does activities he is not ready for. Maybe we can start walking him and use up some of his excess energy.

Surgical Wound

So we keep muddling along.

Mark and Wink