Colour Road Trip

I have not blogged since early October, but that doesn’t mean nothing has happened. It has been a busy October for us and mostly an enjoyable one. Wink and I went on our annual pilgrimage to capture the colours of the season. This year it was a one day road trip. We headed up to Franconia with a planned stop in Lincoln for lunch and a stop at the candy store. We had an uneventful drive up.

Fall Colour

Like Minded People

The weather was good and unfortunately there was a craft faire on the main drag in Lincoln that resulted in traffic backing up on the highway two miles before Lincoln. This meant we would not be able to get into Lincoln for our lunch and first stop of the day.  So we proceeded to Littleton. Here we are in the Notch and there were large numbers of people taking advantage of the good weather to hike and get pictures.

So we made a change in plans and skipped the Kankamangus Highway on the way home and went to North Conway instead via Crawford Notch. The scenery was just past peak. I think the very cold snap we had caused some of the trees to lose their leaves early.

Franconia Notch


For Meg

Mt Washington Hotel and Mt Washington with snow



Crawford Notch-unusual vehicle ahead

Ride Home

It was a pleasant trip and I got to stop at the candy store and replenish my licorice supply. I also got candy for Meg’s Halloween Party including ‘Warheads’ and ‘Toxic Waste’ amongst a whole strange and assorted collection. So for the record here was my haul:

Scotty Dog Box

Three Pounds Assorted Licorice

I know you wonder if the annual pilgrimage is actually required. Is there not sufficient local colour?


Burning Bush

Japanese Maple – No Colour Yet





So we had an adventure but came home to a lovely fall.

And Mark scored some licorice.


Mark and Wink