Backyard Drama

When I woke up at 6:30 this morning there were four deer in our back yard watching something very intently. It took us a while to figure out what was going on. It was a wet rainy morning. That made it a little more difficult to get decent pictures. The drama lasted most of the morning. I took 180 pictures!!

On the Look Out


Young Buck and Coyote Face Off

Time to Boogey-to decoy coyote away from a fawn?


You can get a feeling for the size of the animal from the picture of it with the young buck. This canine is too big to be a fox and so we suspect it is a coyote. The deer were definitely afraid of it.


This doe stood out in the middle of our back yard watching all around for the coyote. As it moved up the yard toward her, she took off toward the side yard.

After the coyote moved on, three of the deer remained out in the open for quite a while and we got some pictures of the new fawn.

Meeting the Uncles

Momma and Fawn and Uncles

On the Move

Our birds didnít mind the coyote at all.

Catbird in the Rain


Stand Off between a dove and a piggy bird

Finches on Oriole Feeder

All of the excitement made for an exciting morning and a late breakfast!

Mark and Wink