Yard Work

The birds have found the bird bath in the yard. We have seen bluejays and sparrows enjoying a bath. The bluejays splash all the water out. We have a short video too.

Bird Bath

We continue to see turkey families.

They are growing up!!

At Attention

The purple loosestrife was in full bloom and we are into year #2 of trying to eradicate it. The workmen showed up and got started on the back yard today.

Brush hog

Brush hogging

Brush hog and tractor with rototiller

Half way done

Yard in Progress

West Side Yard

Stone Pile Moved

Tomorrow the yard is supposed to be planted in a pasture mix. Then Wink and I plan to do some adjusting and more planting. We were out weeding and watering today. We both got too much sun.

Tomorrow we head to New York City for the long weekend and a wedding. We will be staying with Nancy. Andrew and Chief will stay here to take care of Frodo and Verdi.

Mark and Wink