Where the Wild Things Are

I just finished a blog and had no expectation of blogging again for a while. Two days and six hundred pictures later I have another blog in three parts. There is a follow up on the butterfly and hummingbird garden, a follow up on Bird Lady Meg and some pictures of our resident deer.

Hummingbirds and Butterflies

I tried to get some video of the hummingbirds but was only partially successful. They are visiting the bee balm on occasion but not staying as long as they did when the bee balm first bloomed. Meg was out filming a deer when she caught a hummingbird in the Spruce Trees. The gardens are in bloom and attracting butterflies and other insects. We got a few pictures and put them in a sub blog.

Hummingbird Sub Blog

Butterfly on Cone Flower


The deer were very active during the day yesterday. We saw deer three different times and a total of six different deer. It was interesting enough to warrant its own sub blog here.

Deer Sub Blog

Bird Lady III

Meg took a few pictures. She takes the camera all around the house and tries to get close to the birds. I think she does a good job and her pictures can be found in the sub blog.

Bird Lady III Sub Blog

Bluejay Eating Bugs

We collected a few more blueberries to enjoy. This is our third round of picking.

Blueberries for Breakfast

Frodo and Wink

It has been hot and humid here. People are out on the water and enjoying the Bay. I hope to join them soon.

Kayaks on the Bay


Another Boat

This has been an unexpected mid-week update. This place is full of surprises. All for now:

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg