In the last blog I lamented the fact that something was eating our sunflower shoots. Well the last sunflower bit the dust. Here is a picture of what is left of the last standing sunflower. Something carefully dug it up and ate the tender shoots. Wink and I have to face the fact that it would be a challenge to have a vegetable garden in our yard. I presented three suspects in the previous blog: wild turkeys, squirrels and a deer.

Last Sunflower

It turns out that the suspect list was incomplete. We can see the day lily and sunflower garden from the kitchen as we do the dishes and guess what we saw? There was a ground hog busily eating.

Ground Hog


It would seem that it was the ground hog that ate our sunflowers.


It would seem like a cut and dried case. But one needs to examine all the evidence before a verdict can be reached. Did the other suspects have opportunity and motive for the crime? Letís start with the wild turkey, LaVerne. She was spotted in the day lily garden. Here is the evidence: LaVerne takes a bath. So we have the turkey at the crime scene as well.

LaVerna Takes a Bath (sub blog here)

The next day we catch the yearling doe, Bambette in a compromising situation as well. She stopped for a snack in our side yard and wandered up to the day lily garden as well. Here she is leaving the day lily garden. So she had opportunity and motive as well. Her snacking was documented in a sub blog here.

Bambeteís Tail leaving Day Lily Garden

Snack Time for Bambette (sub blog here)

I donít think it is possible to get a conviction in this case as we had at least three suspects that were documented at the crime scene and all of them had equal motive. It just seems unlikely that we can have a vegetable garden without a very tall fence.

So life goes on here in Newmaket. We have been busy weeding and mulching our flower beds. We added seven more perennials to the butterfly and hummingbird garden and day lily garden. We have used 60 cubic feet of mulch so far. Some of the flowers are starting to bloom. Here are some pictures of our efforts. Wink and I are a little sore today.

Fresh Mulch for the Butterfly Garden

Freshly Mulched (Trees Blooming)

Andrew and I have gone fishing again with the same result. We still havenít had a bite much less catch a fish. I didnít take any pictures this time. Other people remain as optimistic as we are. Here is a guy fishing moving tide at dusk. I didnít see him catch anything either. He has a sit on top fishing kayak similar to the one I use.

Fishing Kayak

There is hope for the future as the Environmental Protection Agency is mandating that the Bay get cleaned up. Unfortunately it will take several years as the towns get new wastewater facilities and it will take time for the new equipment to have an effect. Here is a picture of a work boat. We donít know what they were doing but it likely related to the Great Bay environment.

Work Boat

There continue to be pleasure boaters on the bay. We will likely abandon fishing and spent more time just paddling and enjoying the scenery. There is frequently something interesting going on.

Out for a paddle

Kayaker and Turkey in same picture

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy the wildlife in the yard. Here is a duck sleeping on the bay.

Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck getting buzzed

I took another series of pictures of the finches in the rain. The finch sub blog can be seen here.

More Finches


We continue to enjoy living here.

All for now:

Mark and Wink