After my last whine, I was planning to try to convince you that nothing ever happens around here. Meg and Wink are in Hawaii and I am left alone with Frodo and Verdi Bird. My thesis is ‘Nothing ever happens here!’ You be the judge.

I saw the newly hatched turkeys again. There are still seven of the little tykes. Andrew says he thinks they are growing about a centimeter a day. Here is a video of them feeding.

Baby Turkeys



One thing about baby turkeys is that they don’t stay small for very long. We got pictures of newly hatched chicks a week or so ago and they headed into the woods for safety. We had a clutch of four and another clutch of six. Surprise, a clutch of seven showed up at the feeder. These guys have fletched and can fly now so they can roost at night. This is much safer for the chicks. So we have seen clutches of four, six and seven plus the seven new hatchlings. That makes twenty-four new chicks to add to the thirty=seven we saw in the winter.

Soccer Balls

Almost Teenagers

Growing Up

Videos of the teenage turkeys:





Oh My


Growing Up



Ever Hopeful – Fly Fishing

On the March

I saw the softballs for the third day in a row. The babies were staying close to momma and I wondered if they were all there. I tried to get a close up of the babies but did not manage it. However when they were on the march I was able to count all seven, so I was surprised.

Softballs day +3

Baby Turkey

An odd thing happened while I was trying to get a close up of the softballs, Bambette appeared. We speculated that she had a single baby as she was fat and then appeared thin and hungry but lactating. She is only a yearling but the evidence suggests she had twins. That is tough for a deer that young and unusual but she seems to have managed it. So here is the evidence:

Doe with Twins



No Question – Bambette and Twins

Twin 1

Twin 2

While all this was going on a sparrow came and drank out of the hummingbird feeder. Andrew suggested that they treated it as a smorgasbord and ate the ants as well.

Hummingbird Feeder

Drinking from Ant Trap


Boat on the Bay

Frodo for Meg:


Wanna Play?

So have I convinced you that nothing ever happens in Newmarket? I took over eight hundred pictures this week. I guess I am picking up where Meg left off. Mark is all alone with nothing to do. Come Visit.