Time Warp

I thought we escaped the time warps once we left Kansas. I donít know how it happened but we seemed to have slipped into between 1670 and 1690 to the time of King Williamís War. One has to wonder how this keeps happening to us. So the setting is in South Berwick, Maine by the Mill dam on the Salmon Falls River. It is a tidal estuary and part of Great Bay. The tides lag the Portsmouth tide by about 1 hour and forty minutes.

Below the Mill Pond

So now we need to gear up for an expedition. You need to choose your gear. Start by selecting a flintlock rifle.

Gear Ė Flint Lock Rifle and Sword

I learned that gauge is how many lead balls it takes to make a pound of lead. These rifles are ten and twelve gauge. Make sure to keep your power dry during the trip. What else are you going to need?

Powder Horn, Pistol, Knives and Hatchet

Blunderbuss, Tomahawk and Kit bag

Tent, sleeping roll and paddles, water gourd lined with wax to keep water cold

Water Bottles and Ammunition

So are we all kitted up and ready for the adventure? We better gather a crew then.

We need a plan and a guide?

Abenaki Indian

So we have geared up and assembled a crew, now we need a means of rapid conveyance in a tidal estuary such as Great Bay. The means adopted in the area we inhabit was the lateen rigged gundalow.So we need a boat with a shallow draft. Here are a couple of possible designs:

Gundalow Plan 1

Alternate Gundalow

OK, we have geared up, assembled the crew, gotten a guide and now it is time to go:

Man the Ropes

Time to set sail

Catching the Wind

Under Sail

Some Music for the Voyage

Sailing into the sunset on the gundalow

Looking toward Moody point

Along for the ride, Wink!


The Gundalow

After Sunset, we transported back to our normal time. But it was quite a voyage.

Mark and Wink


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