St. Pats. 2013

It is our first St. Patrickís Day in Newmarket. We celebrated PI day (3.14159) at Logan Airport as Meg was headed to Bermuda. We had a caramel apple PI, so nice. Since Moeller is such an Irish name, we had to be sure to celebrate St. Pats appropriately. Iíll let you be the judge.

Guinness and Bass Ale (I couldnít find Harp IPA L)

Still have the touch


It is hard to believe but it is still winter here. We are expecting another fourteen inches (half meter) of snow on Tuesday. I plead guilty of being lazy and tried to get the snow blower fixed today. Unfortunately it would take nine days to fix it, but I could buy the part and fix it myself tomorrow. Guess how I plan to spend my day? The hope is I bought the right part, can I be so lucky? Weíll see.

Meg arrived from Portland OR. Ryan helped her drive cross country. We introduced him to Verdi and took him out for a Lobster dinner as a welcome to New Hampshire. Donít know which he enjoyed moreÖ

Ryan and Verdi

Verdiís true colours

Ryan and Twin Lobsters

Meg and Steak

Lobster Wars

Ryan is back in Portland OR. and Meg is in Bermuda for a week.


So I recognize I need better optics for my blog. I am in the research mode now and will take appropriate action once it is determined what will be a large improvement in the blog. Some bird pictures with the current equipment.



Red Winged Blackbird

Yes, Red Winged Blackbird

Grackle (wish I had a faster lens)

Seagull on ice flow

Initial Impression LOON, but I think it is a Grebe (need better optics)

Canada Geese and Mergansers


Grebe (I think I took 100 pictures of this guy)

Meg and Ryan

Guilty as charged (having too much fun!)

Too much fun.

All for now,


Mark and Wink


Ps.. Frodo and I took a walk and updated Seasons.