Spring in New England

1.    Meg in NY NY

Meg is visiting her Aunt Nancy in New York. She plans to travel the US this summer. She has what was formerly Markís point and shoot SONY camera and is making good use of it. Hopefully she will be a regular contributor to this blog.

Manhattan from Columbia Dorm

Jonquils or Narcissus in New York (ahead of us, ours are just sprouting)

English Starling

New York Robin

Hawk in Central Park

Sqrl fed by Meg in Riverside Park

Finch in NY Riverside Park


2.    Mark and Wink in Newmarket

The neighbors say we are going to love spring here in Newmarket at Moody Point. It rained Friday and Saturday. Sunday, the weather was nice enough that we got outside to do more yard work. The grass is turning green and the bulbs are starting to peak out of the ground.

House with yard turning green

April rain brings May flowers

Early Spring Blooms

The robin was banging on the windows early this morning. I woke up and didnít see any deer but did see a wild turkey at the bird feeders. I failed to get a good picture of him. He didnít hang out long after he saw me in the window.

Wild Turkey

The weather is still a little raw. Late Sunday afternoon we decided to take Frodo for a walk. It was windy enough we had to go back and get jackets. Frodo did not like going back to the house so early, but was relieved to finally go on his walk.

Taking Frodo for a walk

Cormorants and Heron



Grackles flocking

Red Winged Blackbird


Smaller Hawk on beach


Iíll try to get better turkey pictures.

All for now Ö.

Mark, Wink and Meg from NY