Spring has Sprung

Last fall we planted 100 mixed bulbs of daffodils and jonquils. Wink has counted over seventy-five blooming so far. We planted some at the top of the driveway. You can see some more deer depredation on the Arbor Vitae.

Ahh! Spring

Daffodils and Jonquils and deer depredation

It has been a busy week for us. Andrew got his kayak out and moved it to Newmarket. The work boats are busy getting the docks in. Wink and I took a walk and there were workers getting our dock in. So now we have access to the bay.

Dock Workers

Andrew and I decided to take advantage of the dock being in and went for a short paddle. The wind was ESE at 12-14 mph and there were white caps on the bay, but we decided to go anyway. There was some chop and it made for an interesting ride. We paddled downwind into the river. When the waves picked you up, it was like body surfing and the kayak slid right down the wave. It was less entertaining on the way home as we had to push through the waves to get back to the dock but it was manageable. We took today off to let our unused muscles recover a bit before we head back out!

Moeller Homestead

A smiling Andrew Paddling

Mark Paddling on the Lamprey River

Moody Point

Well as usual, there is good news and bad news. There is a pollution problem in the bay as the nitrogen levels are too high. The bay used to produce a large number of oysters but they died out increasing the effect of the pollution. Apparently it wasnít pollution that killed them but a pair of diseases. The oysters would filter the bay water in two days and reduce the pollution; the lack of oysters increased the effect of pollution. There is this thing called the Environmental Protection Agency that has entered into agreements with the polluters and there are court required improvements that have to be made in the point of pollution that can be monitored and enforced. Unfortunately the polluters have five years to come into compliance. There is also an effort to reintroduce disease resistant oysters to help filter the bay. One of the oyster beds is at the end of our yard, so we are doing our part. The bad news is that the eel grass has largely died out and the bait fish donít exist in the quantity that they used to. The result is that the fishing in the bay is significantly degraded and the big fish donít come in anymore. The end result is we have to adapt to current conditions and change our fishing strategy. We havenít figured out what this means and we havenít caught a fish in over a year. L


Other people are as optimistic as we are and Andrew saw people fishing at the dam in Newmarket. He says they didnít catch anything that he could see. Fish canít get to Newmarket without going right by our house. While we adapt our fishing strategy, we plan to fish the mouth of the Lamprey and enjoy being out on the water. Of course we will share with you how enjoyable it is to be out on the water.


Today I started to mow the yard for the first time in 2013. I only mowed half of it. Wink thought it looked good, so here is our freshly mowed back yard. We will have the far part of the yard tilled and planted as pasture in a week or so. I will provide before and after pictures as usual.

Freshly mowed yard with daffodils



Shore Bird


This guy showed up on the near shore again. He stopped and preened himself in front of us. Wink was on the spotter scope and I was taking pictures. I ended up with 120 pictures of this event. It lasted long enough that I tried several combinations of settings. I am adjusting to Meg having my point and shoot, but I am still not where I want to be. Slow learner I guess, but I am having fun.


Wink likes watching the ducks feed

Shore Bird

Shore Birds

We have seen them several times now, but have failed to identify them so far


Done Grooming

I saw the fox again this morning. It was the first time since last fall and she is looking really healthy. We saw her tracks in the snow but didnít get any pictures of her. She was moving across the yard and disappeared before I could get any pictures of her. I havenít pulled the trail camera memory sticks since Meg left, maybe weíll get something interesting.


Other than that, all is quiet in Newmarket. We plan to get out on the bay and enjoy the water.


Mark, Wink and Andrew

No update from Meg until the next blog. L