Honey! I shrunk the Turkeys!

Shrunk Turkeys?


There seems to be a population boom around here. It would seem that we had at least two clutches of turkeys hatch. Here is a proud momma. I think I took over two hundred pictures of the babies.

6 babies: Tom jr., Tomasina, Mork, Mindy, Gabe and Jewel

I have a short video clip for your added enjoyment. Instead of uploading a file I put it on Youtube to see if that was easier. Link is below.

March of the Turkeys

The turkeys arenít the only ones with babies. The catbirds, bluejays, chipmunks and robins have all been eating my blueberries. Here is a mother robin with her teenaged child. The baby robin can already fly and will be independent soon.

Mother Robin feeding teenager MY Blueberries

Almost Grown

Juvenile Robin in Blueberries

My Blueberries Ripening

Cheekful of blueberries

Last blog I said I would get pictures of our flowers. I havenít gotten around to that yet but we have a lot of blooms in the yard. So here is a teaser.

Summer Flowers

We just got back from our vacation in Montana so I have a backlog of blogging to do.

This one couldnít wait.

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg

Ps Ė let me know if Youtube is easier and I will convert the old blogs. mjm