Rainy Week

I was gone for four days last week and Wink was left holding down the fort by herself. Both the turkeys and the deer showed up and she took cell phone pictures of them. The turkeys keep coming to the bird feeders. First there was Maude, and then she was joined by Laverne. Now clearly Laverne invited Shirley. She also saw three deer in the yard. They donít hang out long enough for us to name them.

Maude, Laverne and Shirley

Three Deer

I got home late Thursday night. On Friday we were entertained by the critters outside. We saw hummingbirds, more turkeys and the fox. The fox chased the ducks off their nest. They have been sitting the nest but I suspect the fox just pilfers all the eggs. The turkeys are not too bothered by the fox, but the ducks arenít so lucky.



The herons were out on the point. First there were two but then they were joined by a third. We watched them feed with the spotting scope. It was pleasant just watching them for a while.


Herons fishing

Three Herons

We also saw four hawks circling in the sky. We couldnít tell what had caught their attention. I took a couple pictures anyway.



The turkeys have been active. One young lady put on a show for us. Then finally, Tom showed up. He didnít strut but he was watching over four ladies.



Meg is having a great time in New York. She went to a Lego event in Times Square.

New York Hawk

New York Hawk

It was a very pleasant homecoming and I was glad to get home safe.

Mark, Wink and Meg