Last week we warned you that the BYOB was at our house this week. Meg wanted to put on a good show for our neighbors, so she enlisted the aid of the whole family. She also started baking earlier in the week. You saw the shortbread cookies in the last blog. Our contribution to the party was a watermelon fruit bowl, amaretto-chocolate bundt cake, shortbread cookies and apple swans as a garnish (that the deer loved). So here are the preparations:

Meditating on a Watermelon


Etching – In Progress

Yes – Watermelon Bowl

Before and After

Ready for the Party!

Muc Werking in Citchen

Apple Swan Garnish

Amaretto-Chocolate Bundt Cake Castle with Shortbread Unicorns


More Eye Candy

Here are a couple more shots of the pets.



Nap Time

Mark and Meg were sitting in the covered porch reading books when they heard an incessant loud chirping. They were excited because it sounded like their friend the American Woodcock, so they did their best to pinpoint the sounds origin. Alas – it was not the friend but a chipmunk! Apparently the chipmunks are camping out in the woodpile. Mark isn’t too happy, but Meg took the opportunity to take more pictures!


Double Trouble

Wood Pile

So we have shown time and again that there be deer here. They had a hard time with all the snow this winter and took to eating all of the trees and such they could get to. Here is a picture of one such unfortunate tree, and the deer enjoying it.


Deer Depredation

Meg woke up very early this morning and looked out the window to see two deer! In her groggy state she thought she saw one of the

year’s newest fawns – but as you can see it is a yearling. She was still so groggy that she was convinced she hadn’t been able to get pictures of the deer and kicked herself all morning for missing such a golden opportunity. When Mark got up, she made him go around to the trail cameras to see if she had really seen the deer and baby or had just dreamed it. When they got the pictures up on the computer they pulled the memory card from her camera too – and lo and behold! She had actually taken pictures of the deer! HOORAY! They may not be good ones, but a day beginning with a severe case of photographers remorse turned out a lot better than expected.

Meg’s Buddies

Trail Cam – same time

Trail Cam Glam Shot


Bird Feeder



Unlucky Bird, Lucky Hawk




Mark, Wink, Meg, Andrew