Our Backyard

I am pretty sure we have solved the sunflower saga that we rolled out over the past two blogs. The crime was described in One Year blog and the suspects were laid out. The sunflower snatching was further explored in Wanted blog. We have further information for you conspiracy theorists out there. Bambette is a regular visitor to our yard during daylight. It also seems that LaVerne has adopted us as she frequents our bird feeders.


LaVerne at the bird feeders

It might be a bit of a stretch but we now have evidence that Bambette and LaVerne know each other and if not friends do not view each other as threatening. A conspiracy theorist might come to the conclusion that they colluded to frame the poor ground hog. We have a series of several pictures of the visitors in the same frame. LaVerne could have pulled up the sunflower and Bambette nibbled just the shoots.

LaVerne and Bambette (conspiring?)

Is that enough circumstantial evidence to cast doubt on the guilt of the hungry ground hog? It might have been until recently when we watched him eat sunflowers out of the Butterfly and Hummingbird garden. It seems the ground hog likes sunflowers. Caught in the act.

Ground Hog in Blueberry Garden

The hummingbirds have been active. We have seen three different hummingbirds. I camped the feeder for about an hour but only got pictures of one. For our enjoyment:




We have mouse traps in the basement and we caught a mouse the other day. I put the mouse carcass out at the bird feeder and Wink and I were surprised when a blue jay came along and flew away with the dead mouse. Wink remarked on it on Facebook and her friends asked for pictures. We didnít get any pictures that time but we caught another mouse the next day and camped it to get some pictures. It took less than ten minutes for the blue jay to haul that mouse away too.

Blue Jay checking out mouse


Blue Jay and mouse


Watching the shore birds is fun. We caught a pretty picture the other evening. Made me wish for better optics. I suppose I will never be satisfied.

Heron at dusk

I think the sunflower mystery is adequately resolved. Right now we seem to be in a rainy time period. Our summer flowers are starting to bloom and our surviving gardens are doing well. I plan to do a flower blog in a week or so.

All for now,

Mark and Wink