One Year

It has been one year and sixty-five blogs since we moved from Kansas to New Hampshire. That is a little more than a blog a week. I keep getting surprised and entertained by what happens here. So we had hurricane Sandy, blizzard Nemo and an earthquake to welcome us and we have survived. I have yet to catch a fish or even get a bite and will admit it is somewhat discouraging.

I started with a point and shoot camera that was 3.1 megapixels. Unfortunately it went into the drink on our first fishing trip. We were able to salvage the memory card but that camera never took another picture after ingesting salt water. So I got a new waterproof camera that was 15 megapixels. Next thing you know I got a Bushnel spotting scope with an integrated 5 megapixel digital camera. It is never enough. Then I got a 15 megapixel Sony point and shoot that had more zoom. This camera showed that Meg was a better photographer than her dad and she appropriated it as her own. Most readers were kind enough to suggest that it found a better home. This left her dad with camera envy. The end result is I got a digital slr, a SONY alpha 37. I also got three lenses with it, a 50 mm, an 18 to 55 mm and a 75 to 300 mm. It is never enough. I still covet better optics.

We have been working on the house and making it our own including some surprising setbacks. But here it is after one year: 27 Lubberland, Newmaket, New Hampshire; our home:

Our Home One Year Later

We planted the day lilies we got from the Garden Club at the back of the yard where we could see them from the kitchen window. We also planted a row of sunflowers behind the day lilies. We moved some rock from the rock pile to edge the day lilies. Unfortunately only one or two of the sunflowers that sprouted remain. Some critter obviously likes sunflower sprouts. L I guess we will have to plant them inside and transplant them outside once they are less delectable. Then finally we mulched the garden. We will have to get some annuals to plant to give us some fall color.

Day Lilly Garden

Surviving Sunflower

Day Lilly Garden Mulched

On the other hand, our two blueberry gardens are going great for now. Last year the birds ate most of the berries before they ripened. I can taste the blueberry pancakes already. We have about one dozen blueberry plants.

Bluebberries (so happy)

More Blueberries

Unfortunately we donít know who is responsible for the theft of our sunflower sprouts but we do have suspects. They include deer, squirrels and wild turkeys, so the lineup:


Squirrels Ė Moe, Larry, Curly


Moellerís Wild Kingdom


The yard continues to provide delight and amusement. Wink has seen a Baltimore Oriole and an Rose Breasted Grosbeak. I donít have pictures yet but we adapt to conditions on the ground and may modify our bird feeders once again.

Fifteen Mute Swans

Three Herons on the Point

I am going to make two more sub blogs as I did last time. One is a blackbird harassing the turkey and the other is a House Finch eating seeds.

The wild turkey routinely comes to our bird feeder. On occasion, the blackbirds try to drive her off. They do manage to annoy her but she doesnít stay away for long. I got a series of pictures of the event. The blackbird would nip at her tail and she would lunge at the blackbird. As it progressed, the blackbird got bolder and decided she was not much of a threat. The turkey definitely decided he was a nuisance. When there are three blackbirds, the turkey has real problems.

Move along you turkey!

I also took two series of pictures of the house finch eating seed on the deck. I thought they were pretty and so created a sub blog for them.

House Finch eating seed

The pregnant deer must have had her new fawns. Once she has the new babies she forces last yearís babies to leave. This yearling doe has been acting lost. She is frequently seen during daylight in our yard and has bedded down on the edge of her old bedding area. I guess growing up is hard to do. But we have several series of pictures of her. We have not seen her brother yet.

Yearling Doe

Bedded Down

We have enjoyed our first year in New Hampshire and are learning our way around. We plan to keep sharing the adventure.


Mark and Wink