October 2013 Blog

It is the middle of December and I havenít blogged since late September. I have no valid excuse, I just havenít been able to force myself to sit at the computer and bang out blogs. So this blog will be a little long as I try to squeeze October into a single blog. We didnít have as colorful a fall as we had last year. We had a freeze before we had full color and a storm to bring the leaves down, but I did take a few pictures to share.

October 1 Morning Fog

We have been seeing wild turkeys again but the composition is quite changed. From seeing family groups we now see a bachelor group of eleven male turkeys. The ladies are hanging out somewhere else and we have not seen them. The bachelor group has been a frequent visitor to our backyard bird feeder.

Bachelor Group

Might Be Turkeys

We were quite busy this fall. We had to get our new gardens planted and we also got firewood delivered which needed to be stacked for the winter. We got a cord and a third.

Firewood Delivered Wink looking dubious

Firewood sorted and stacked like magic!

We planted five berry bushes for birds, a raspberry garden, and several new trees.

Berry Bushes

Raspberry Garden

NewEvergreen Trees

Black Alder Berries

Fall Visitor

We had the early frost and then the wind storm. Here you can see the leaves fly.


Oval Garden


While it was storming outside, we worked to get the inside in shape. We dropped some art off to get framed and we unpacked art we already had and finally got some more hung on the walls. Wink says it is feeling more like home all the time. We must have hung at least twenty pictures.


Guest Bedroom

We did get a little colour, but not as good as last year.

Flame Bush Ė Fall Colour



Puffball Mushroom

The deer were still in family groups in October. But we were seeing them as often. They really liked the apples and cleaned up the pears after the apples were gone.


Fattening Up

Late Afternoon Colour


Paddling with Nancy and Jayne


Arty reflections

Which side is up?



Peek a boo Deer

Wasp Nest (1 of 3 we saw)

Frodo for Meg

Rotten Windows L

English Starlings


Pumpkin Carving


Red Bellied Woodpecker



So that was October in a nutshell. I should have broken it into a series of blogs. Plan to do two November blogs soon and maybe catch up with a December blog.


Mark and Wink