This blog could easily be renamed Daddies, Mommies and Babies because that is what you will see. We got all these pictures on the same day. We don’t know what pushed the deer to be out during the day but it was fun to see them.


We saw three bucks together and two of them were new to us. The first one is an eight point that we haven’t seen before. The second one we think is Bambette’s twin and it looks like he will end up a six point because we don’t see any brow tines on him. They came up the game trail to the West of the house and stopped to eat our Hostas. We did not get a picture of the third deer.

Eight Point in Velvet

Six Point – No Brow Tines

Six Point


This picture we took later in the day and this is the deer we have named Bambette. She is the young doe that got pushed off from her mother last spring. We can identify the deer by their scars and the scar on her flank does seem to be healing.  We speculate it is a hoof scrape from when she and her brother were pushed off by their mother. We think she has a fawn because she was more rotund in the earlier pictures and now she is much thinner but gaining weight more recently. Her udders seem to be full. She seems to spend much of her time eating, probably necessary to feed her fawn. We do not have a picture of her fawn yet.


She was out in the evening eating while we were grilling some steaks. Meg took a couple of videos of her, one eating and the other running. She was not concerned about us at all. When I went to feed the birds this morning, she was in the field and eating. She spooked when I got close to the bird feeder. She is bedding down near where her mother beds. She seems to be hanging out in our neighborhood. We don’t see her brother as often. I guess he is busy hanging with the guys.

Bambette Eating

 Bambette Running


And Babies

Bambette’s mother had twins again this year. These babies would be a month or so older than Bambette’s baby. So we may eventually see her baby if it survives. The twins were really cute with their gangly legs.

Bambette’s Mother with this year’s twins


Andrew named them the Veal Twins (Scaloppini and Marsala)

The result is we have more deer on the property and last year was a hard winter for the six deer we had then. We have identified eleven deer so far.

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