November 2013 Blog

I am catching up on my blogging. I let October, November and half of December get by me without putting up a blog. Part of the fun of the blog is keeping track of Winkís pets: the turkeys, deer, geese, wild birds, hawks and yes even a fox. Oh and we did a little work around the house and managed a trip to Rome. At least we werenít busy. So here goes, may I present Winkís pets, pictures from November.

Bachelor Group

Coming to the bird feeder

Eating alder berries



Looking Good


Downy Woodpecker

Who am I?

Great Blue Heron

Red Fox (looking healthy)


Morning Fog

We decided to have a nontraditional Thanksgiving meal so we had mixed grill instead of stuffed turkey. Winkís brother, George, and his wife, Rebecca, and Winkís mom joined us. Wink enjoyed making the pies. We didnít see our Ďpetí turkeys outside on Thanksgiving but they did come the next day!!

Pumpkin and Apple Pies

Mixed Grill

Our Guests

We got hints of things to come by the end of November. After an early frost in October, we got dustings of snow in November but nothing more than a dusting, however, it did get cold enough for the bay to freeze.

Great Bay Iced Over

We got ourselves early Christmas presents because we didnít want to get trapped inside due to the snow: snow shoes.

All in all, it was a busy fall.

Mark and Wink