Taking it to the

Next Level!

It is always the critics and non-believers that force innovation. I am a simple author endeavoring to keep my readers informed, but it is never enough. My readers were aghast and the overwhelming reply was that bluejays do not eat mice. Wink and I observed it twice and took some pictures but failed to collect evidence sufficient to clearly document the event. I guess our task is almost overwhelming. Andrew did an internet search and only got one hit for ‘bluejay eating dead mouse’. I would link it but it had a warning that it was not for the squeamish so you have to do your own search.

Well, genteel readers we caught another mouse. We set up two cameras on tripods manned by Andrew and Meg, to document the event for you. The previous event took ten minutes to unfold but this time the bluejays arrived before Mark could get back to the house and wash his hands. So the way it played out is that Mark went out to fill the bird feeders. Andrew and Meg were on the deck with cameras fixed on tripods. Andrew and Meg were giggling because a turkey was watching Mark fill the feeder and Mark could not see her. You can clearly see the turkey watching Mark in the picture. Andrew and Meg tried to direct me to the turkey, but I could not see it.

Oblivious Mark

After I filled the bird feeders, I laid the mouse out on the rocks. Andrew suggested that it was like an Aztec sacrifice. The end result was that we have evidence that dead mice are bluejay food. So here we go. Here is the first bluejay to arrive. There is both Meg’s and Andrews Videos, but the audio is the interesting part.

False Start 1 ( Meg and Andrew)

More than one bluejay showed up and they fought over the prize. Here is some video of the second bluejay. Again the audio is of interest.

False Start 2 ( Meg and Andrew )

The victor eventually got the prize. So now we have kicked it up a notch and the Genie is out of the bottle. We are starting to learn how to incorporate video into this very basic blog. Who can guess where this will lead? Are you convinced that bluejays eat mice yet?

Predator ( Meg and Andrew )

This is a good time for an anecdotal story. Meg was at a water park with her Aunts Caroline and Nancy. Her aunts were behaving somewhat erratically, like going down the slide backwards, and gathering some onlookers’ bewildered stares. So Nancy reassured Meg: ‘Don’t worry, it is not contagious. It’s genetic!’ It must be genetic because can you imagine the fun we are going to have with this?

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg