More Snow 3

Early in 2013 my readers got great enjoyment in my regaling them with stories about all the snow. It would seem that 2013 is not done with us yet. We got a foot of snow early this week and then an Alberta Clipper just gave us another six inches plus. The weathermen said it was light sow, I guess they didnít have to shovel it. I thought I could get the snow blower working but I could not. It is unusual to get this much snow this early in the year and I was not prepared for it, so we had to shovel. We shoveled both the driveway and the decks reminiscent of the blizzard. So for your continued enjoyment:

Wink and Snow

Bah Snow

Snow Banks

It is hard on Frodo as he does like the snow, no not one little bit. When we walked Frodo one evening we bumped into a deer eating our rhododendrons. With the snow on the ground it is easy to see what the deer have been doing.

Yum Rhododendrons

Deer Tracks

Wink and I walked around and got a set of pictures to update SEASONS the day after the new snow. It is impressive.

Salt Marsh


Happy Holidays! It looks like we will have a white Christmas.

Mark and Wink