More March Snow

We had another snowstorm on the last day of winter. Rory was kind enough to point out that fourteen inches is only one third of a meter and not half a meter. We didnít get quite that much, it may have been only one quarter of a meter, but even so I am getting tired of cleaning up after snow. We did get the snow blower repaired in time for this last gasp of winter. All of this does not preclude spring snow, so we may not be done with it yet. So I documented the new snow for your enjoyment.


Weather is tough on the birds.

Robin (spring is coming)

We had this guy visiting us. We have not identified what kind of bird it is yet.

Shore Bird

Robin (not getting good color L)

The birds are singing away in the morning and are starting to gather nesting materials. It looks to be an enjoyable spring.


Mark and Wink