More Snow!

We had another snow event over the weekend and we are expecting more snow on Wednesday. It has been the third snowiest February in New Hampshire history making us feel very welcome! We were lucky again that we maintained power throughout the event. Saturday night was all rain and we got a fair amount of rain, which was lucky as it would have amounted to another six inches of wet snow. The rain changed over to snow Sunday morning and Wink and I built a fire and just hung out in the Living Room. We even took a nap in front of the fire. It didn’t seem like much of a weather event when we went to bed.

More Snow

I cleared the driveway just before sunset and I thought that would be the end of it for this snow storm, boy was I wrong. The snow just kept coming all night long and this is what we woke up to.

Heavy Wet Snow


More Snow

Poor Trees

So I spent the early part of the morning clearing the driveway again. It was fortunate that I cleared it the night before because it made it easier this morning. There was very little wind so the snow accumulated on the trees. If we had had snow Saturday, it might have made a real mess.

Cleared Driveway


The birds have been active. I filled the feeders this morning.

Red Bellied Woodpecker in the snow

There has been a lot of moisture associated with this storm. Chunks of ice have broken off the Lamprey River and floated downstream. The birds take advantage of it and go along for the ride.

Geese on an ice flow

A large chunk of ice broke off and floated by our house. It collided with the shore but there was so much pressure behind it that it crumpled up on the shore leaving large chunks of ice as it continued downstream.

Big chunk of ice

We finally identified these ducks.

Merganser Ducks

The juvenile eagle was back this afternoon. He hung out here most of the afternoon.

Juvenile Eagle

Still need better optics

We are getting mixed messages about Wednesday’s snow storm. Its severity will depend on the exact track and we won’t know for sure until it happens.

It is nearly a full moon tonight. About an hour before sunset, a deer walked across the yard and Frodo barked to try to scare it off. That didn’t work so Wink went to the sun porch to get a good look at the deer. She came face to face with the deer and it ran away. About an hour later the deer were back and Mark and Frodo went for a walk and scared a few of them away from the bushes.


All for now,

Mark and Wink