Butterflies and Hummingbirds


We got more hummingbird pictures. We camped the Bee Balm and tried to get some video. We got a couple short clips but the hummers did not hang around as long as when we were taking the still pictures. I still do not have the mind set to take video instead of stills for the blog. I will work on integrating mixed media. At the end of Hummingbird 1 video, you can see the insects on the flowers in the Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden.

Videos: Hummingbird 1 and Hummingbird 2

Meg was on the upper deck when she spotted a hummingbird in the Spruce tree. We have frequently seen them there and always wondered what they were doing. We may have solved the mystery from Megís pictures. According to a NatGeo Hummingbird documentary, the hummingbirds open their mouths to catch insects. This series of pictures suggests that the hummingbirds are getting insects out of the Spruce tree.

Hummingbird in Spruce

Snack Time


Open Mouth

In the last picture you can see that the birdís beak is open suggesting it is not getting nectar but is in fact catching insects.


The butterflies and bees are starting to show up in our gardens. For your enjoyment:

Butterfly on Cone Flower

A bee is joining the butterfly

Butterfly and Bee

In the Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden

In Flight

Gardens J


Another Bee

It is fun to have the gardens with flowers surrounding the house.


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